It's ok to cry

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... from time to time.  Even if you are a man, yes, it is.
Crying it's not always a sign of weakness, sometimes, it's just the opposite. 
Letting your emotions to come out through tears, it's a luxury for many of us, especially for men. 
They have been told/taught since they were kids, that crying is for girls and weak people. 
So, they tried their best to not be confused or compared to a girl, and, at some point in life, they discovered to have become emotionless.
Expressing feelings, allowing the tears to fall, screaming or shouting could be a very good therapy for body and mind. 
Boxing could help too. Or a bottle a wine.
---- Notice that I wrote A bottle, and not as much as you want!!! -----

I am not saying that you should cry all the time.
If you are a very emotional/sensitive person, please try to withhold your emotions from time to time.
I am not saying to scream at people or in a middle of a room (only if you live in a bunker), no, go into a forest and scream until you have no voice left.
Just be careful not to be heard by a human soul. People might get scared and they could act on instinct: if you see a gun in their hands, run as a jaguar, it could end up in blood. :D

--- When it's ok to cry?!
Well, it's not up to me to tell you this, but, in my opinion, you are allowed to cry when you suffer a loss, when you miss someone or something, when you don't pass an exam, etc.
--- Are you free to cry without a tangible motive?!
That's a very good question. 
If you feel like crying, it means something is wrong somewhere.

There are moments when you feel alone in the whole universe, when you want something but don't know what, when you just want to cry so badly...
So, let the tears fall, let the pain take possession of  your heart for a while... then, STAND UP and look around... pay attention, look from outside of you... 
--- Can you do that? See what is actually happening close to you?!
You may feel devastated, with, or without apparent reason, but you are definitely not alone; moreover, you are strong, stronger than you think! That's why you are still here, fighting and hoping for bits of happiness.
Cry, let the pain OUT, and move on! That is life. Pain and sorrow. And sometimes, joy.
Don't focus on the pain, you will let the good moments to pass without notice. And that's a shame, cause we only live once. From what we know. 

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  1. I have never thought it this way. I always believed crying is never good. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Crying is bad when is too much or when you look for it. Thank you.


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