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I am not very much into poetry, but, I do read some from time to time. 
I've learned a few in my life... and, God forgive, wrote various too. Unfortunately, they are in "early hieroglyphic" (aka, Romanian) and, in translation, lose everything. Or maybe (surely) my English is not good enough for a decent translation, yet.

Anyway, I am not here to write about my poems, but about some famous Romanians poets, one in particular: Mihai(l) Eminescu or Eminovici
Born in Botosani/Romania on 15 January 1850, died in Bucharest on 15 June 1889.
He only lived for 39 years, but his outstanding work, will live forever, as it deserves.
2 days ago, Romania, celebrated  the 165th anniversary of this magnificent artist's birth. He was not only a poet, but wrote prose/novels too, was an editor, etc.
Considered the “Europe’s last great romantic”, translated in 60 languages, he is very much loved by many people around the Globe (with Romanian/Moldavian blood or not).
His poems span a large range of themes: nature, childhood, social, but mostly LOVE.
Luceafarul - The Evening Star or Lucifer - as for Corneliu M. Popescu - is the poet’s greatest work of art. It is a 98-verse poem, but there are voices which say many verses were taken out of it after the poet's death. 
--- Is it true, why would someone do that?
Well, it is possible (in my opinion), because he wrote a lot about his feelings, which were pretty intense. Some people could have felt deeply disturbed by his passion. So, yes, it's plausible.

You may have never heard of him, but if you love poetry and poems, please, do take 10 minutes and listen to these verses (in English, of course. Translation by Adrian G Sahlean, narration by actor Jeremy Geidt .Glossa is the title and is one of my favourite poems written by him.

And here is a fragment from another fine work: "Down Where The Lonely Poplars Grow"
.... "A word, a murmur of reply 
How often did I pray!
What matters then if I should die, 
Enough to live that day. ..."

More of his translated poems on Romanian Voice,  Estcomp, Luceafarul
You can also buy some of his work on Amazon.

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