I was 6 when I've first cooked

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I have been thinking for years to start a recipes blog in English.
I had to postpone it again and again for various reasons, mostly lack of time and the level of my English.
Now is the right time to do it, even if I am not happy at all with my English skills.
I am going to start publishing only PERSONAL recipes which could be interpretations of recipes already in use, combinations of 2, 5, 7 recipes, some will be traditional (Romanian) and stay tuned: I have many surprises for you.

I will focus on gluten free recipes, but also vegan and vegetarian. 
I will try to bring very easy/simple/fast recipes. We all are busy.
Risotto with leeks, lentils, carrots, coriander. Divine!
Although I am not vegan/vegetarian and, fortunately, I can eat gluten everytime I want, I am not fond of meat, unless it's a barbecue. I can't say no to a barbecue.

I am doing this for my friends who asked me many times to translate (from Romanian) the recipes I used to publish on my blog = De gustibus NON est disputandum = (from Latin) In matters of taste, there can be no disputes"/Retete indraznete = Brave recipes (from Romanian) almost every day.

As the title of this posts says, I started cooking when I was 6, or less. True story. Can't actually remember the exact age.
Nobody's asked or forced me, I offered.
I was tinny (short), couldn't reach the bottom of the (wood) stove, so I put a wood box under my feet to stir the polenta. For 8 people. The members of my family at that time.
I felt so big and so proud!
--- Did I do a great job?
Not at all (the polenta wasn't cooked well. No surprise in there, I could barely stir), but I didn't give up. :p I cooked every day since then, until I came to England. :D
Best polenta in the universe, made by a modest expert: Me. :p
My family ate what I cooked which I remember well, was a huge polenta (we used that instead of bread, the story in a different post) and a gigantic fry pan full with pork and potatoes. Gherkins aside, from our reserves (root cellar).
Very rich, I mean, many calories... GOD!
Polenta and potatoes together... don't make me think about it.
It makes me shivering now, but, keep in mind, we were farmers and burned an awful amount of calories per day. Nobody was fat and we ate... so much and it was SO good. Yummy indeed.

Now, I am hungry, extremely hungry so I am going to cook a mash potatoes. Best in the world I've been told. Yeah, everything I do it the best.
I am kidding, of course. I made/make my mistakes. In recipes too. When combining ingredients that should never be mixed. Bleah... really, don't force me to remember. NOoooooooooo! 

Stay tuned, I am doing this for you. 

I have some requirements though.
Please, I am working really hard, publicity is fundamental for a blog to survive. Like/share/comment if you enjoy anything on this page. And don't forget I have got the Facebook page dedicated to this blog.
Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me. All my free time is invested in writing. 


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