6 - Sleep and rest enough

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Lack of sleep is one reason we feel sad, depressed,  hopeless, overwhelmed.

Some of the people who inspired me, sustain that we don't need 8 hours of sleep.
They say that if you think you are not tired, then you aren't. But at the same time they contradict themselves when they tell stories about fainting or feeling sick.

I say we need to sleep as long as our body needs. The mind also needs resting.

I would like to sleep for 8 hours, at least.
I can assure you that I feel the difference when I am going to bed later than usual, or when I cannot sleep. It happens that too. No one is immune.

If you can't sleep, change your habits. It's simple, but not easy.

Don't eat just before you go to bed. Have a salad or fruits if you are hungry.
Avoid drinking alcohol, maybe a small glass of wine won't harm. 
No coffee or tea after 6 Pm, drink a glass of hot milk with honey, or a chamomile. 
Don't play games, read a book instead or listen to bland sounds like this one (click).

--- "But I can't go to bed at 9Pm, I wouldn't fall asleep."

I agree. You wouldn't fall asleep the first night, the second, not even the fifth, but if you insist, I promise you that your biorhythm will eventually change.

I know it because I have tried with success at least 5 times in my life. I changed many jobs with different working hours, I had to adapt.
I really dislike hearing people saying: but I can't, I tried, forget it!

Of course you can, you just convinced yourself you can't.

How many times you've tried? For how long? 1 night, 2 maybe? 
I am telling you that the way you've convinced yourself to think you can't, SAME way you can convince yourself that you CAN. It is proved.

--- "When I sleep, I feel like my life is passing through me. I want to stay late, have fun and enjoy life. I won't spend my weekends in bed!"

Nobody can force you to sleep, it's your choice. Prioritize!

Have a look at the video below to discover more about sleep and reflect.
Thank you, Monica, for sending me the link. Brilliant stuff!

If after reading/watching/listening to this, you are still insisting that it is not doable, it means you don't want to change.
I am sorry, but it's the truth. Keep crying and complaining. It's your choice.

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Ps. This is the sixth post from the motivational series titled: 7 steps to positivity.
For the first, second, third, click on the words. 
You don't have to follow them in order, the numbering is more for me really. 
All the posts are related one to another, therefore are complimentary. 
You may find similar information in many of them, but that's because they are all based on THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. 

Reflect on every word written on all these posts. Take time to fully understand everything. 

I am doing this for myself, as a reminder for the future, but also for youPlease stay tuned
I have already received some very enthusiastic private emails regarding this subject, so I am confident someone will take advantage of my methods which I am learning from others.
Thank you for your support and positive reflections.


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