International Day of Peace

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Did you know that on 21st of September the world celebrates the peace?
I didn't.
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I don't have much to say, I never lived a war, my parents have though. The stories I heard are absolutely monstrous.
Sleeping when bombs flow around you, is unthinkable.
They were children back then.
My parents don't tell the story from own initiative, they forced themselves to forget, but I had to ask and they told me. My heart broke, instantly. The terror was settled everywhere in every second. They've seen people dying next to them, planes crashing in the garden, soldiers with guns threatening children...  little girls used to cover themselves in blood so people will spare them... not rape them because they looked disgusting. My mother had to do that many times.

There is nothing worse than war. I do not understand why people still create them.

Let's think and pray for peace today. Let's act peacefully. Let's be nice with one another, and not only today, but everyday, every second.
The universe will hear and listen to us.

May your life be always peaceful. Happy peace day!

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