My novels make me emotional

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I don't know you, but when I read the stories I write, I feel incredibly emotional.
No... I cry... big, big time. I sob like an abandoned child. It hurts so badly... unless it's a happy story. As the one I am correcting now.
The sequel of Half my Age Plus Seven. In complete opposition to the previous one.
If that was filled with belligerent actions and feelings, this is packed with love and joy. An absolute bliss to all people who believe in love.
A story of hope.

From what I heard, if a writer gets emotional to his/her fictional stories, it means they will transmit the same emotions to random readers.

My tales are exclusively for soulful humans. People who feel pain, bliss and hope. Not for robots with no heart and soul. Or brain.
I would love to sell loads of books and make a living from this, but the most important thing for me is to transmit emotions to my readers.
I follow the rule: "Don't write anything you wouldn't like reading." I love all the stories I publish. There are a few I am not satisfied with, but they are on my hard disk waiting for a rewrite.
I won't spread the work I am not proud of.

So, read my tales, human. And leave a review generous in stars. I put my heart and soul into them. The words could be just a few. The stars have a stronger impact.
"What goes around, comes around." Maybe not right away, but at some point, you will receive what you give. Make no mistake.

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Thank you and see you soon, amazing human being. 

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